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Rules of MAYFIELD Dek Hockey Arena 

Basics Rules and equipment requirements:

***ALL Adult Players MUST wear GLOVES & SHINS ****


***We HIGHLY PERFER a plastic blade stick as it causes much less stress on the flooring.

All sticks will be allowed so as they do not cause harm to anyone else (must be in good condition) No wood blades. 

  • Dek hockey is for fun

  • Game is played 3 on 3 plus a goalie

  • Game is played on shoes (not roller blades or skates)

  • Equipment used is a Mayfield Dek approved ball, stick, helmet and shin pads

  • Hockey helmets are allowed. Lacrosse helmets are not allowed.


General league and game Rules of Mayfield Dek Hockey:

  1. NO violence is tolerated

  2. Players must comply to all roster/team regulations of their division


Goalies:  Goalies are allowed to use traditional hockey goalie pads, chest, gloves, helmet, stick. the goalie must wear running shoes. Goalies must only wear equipment with the intent of protecting themselves, not to increase playing performance.


League Fees: League fees and deposits must be paid by agreed deadlines to insure the team spot is held. It is the responsibility of the team captain to provide payment to Mayfield Dek Hockey and collect reimbursements from the team players.


Jersey Requirements: Teams must supply their own jerseys (shirts) with a clearly seen number on the back. Logos/sponsors and team name are allowed but must always be done in acceptable manner, deemed by Mayfield Dek Hockey. No profanity or inappropriate images will be tolerated.


Rosters: Rosters must be submitted before the game.


In Game Rules


Penalties: Penalties will be either 1 minute or 2-5 minutes depending on the severity. Two(2) coinciding penalties taken by the same team will result in an additional player added to the other team. This means that the first penalty would result in a 3 on 2 for the designated penalty time. The additional penalty will not be a 3 on 1. It will become a 4 on 2 where the team who has taken a penalty will leave 2 players on the playing surface (cannot be either of penalized players) and the team with the power play will add a 4th player.



Stick Penalties:

Slashing: a player cannot use their stick to make contact with another player's body, stick or equipment in a hitting motion. The stick can be used to defend and pursue the ball on an opposing player’s stick.  

High Sticking: if a player loses control of their own stick and the stick makes contact with the opposing player anywhere above the shoulders. It is the duty of every player to control their own stick and assure the safety of all players on the playing surface.

Tripping: A player who intentionally or unintentionally places their stick in the foot path or area of an opposing player causing them to fall.


Physical Penalties:

Body checking: a player cannot “check” or use their body to directly make contact with a player to separate them from the ball or to gain position. Incidental minor contact is allowed from the natural competitiveness of the game. Players must have the intent avoid direct contact.

Elbowing: if a player uses their arm or elbow and makes direct contact with an opposing player. Distinct elbow to the face or head can result in 5 minute

Kneeing: a player sticks their knee out in the path of an opposing player and

Roughing: a player uses their hands or body in a rough manner to intentional contact another player.

Punching:  direct, flagrant punch to another player will result in 5 minute penalty. A second offense will result in game ejection.


No off sides: the center line will be used for faceoff purposes.


Faceoff: players must remain on their side of the faceoff circle and dot.

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