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Spring League May 22

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

As Division A and B teams near the end of the season, contenders are locked into battles for seeding throughout the league.

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 17 Monticello Mowers 10

The Monticello Mowers rallied to a 10 goal resistance, but it wasn’t enough to dethrone PFC, whose roster includes three of the league’s top scorers. The Purple horde had two players with hat tricks leading the charge: Mike Petranzio and Ed Patriarca. Teammates Dylan Cunningham, Drew Kingberry, Pat Beyer, Blake Seaman and Nick Galbraith added hustle and points, with Dom Anselmo stopping a hailstorm of multi-color orbs. The PFC machine was cranked up with goals by Tony Parenti(6), Jeff Burhenne(4), Nick Larkin (5), and Mike Ingenthorn (2).

North Coast 7 Zero Pucks Given 3

For Crooked River Ben Walburton, Mike Garam and Brad Zicarelli powered 2 goals each past the newcomer netminder Greg Crissman (Miami University) for the win. Jared Prior added a goal and Brad Zicarelli added points with 2 assists, with the win in the crease to Justin Ropos. ZPG’s troops tallied goals from Nick Laudato, Tristan Bly and Shawn Sadler.

Crooked River 9 Misfits 5

Crooked River seems to get stronger every week. Jamal Townsend led the scoring with a hat trick for Crooked River, followed by Steve Smith, Anthony Moses and Joe Sayegh with 2 goals each. Shawn Sadler rocketed in 4 goals for the Misfits, with assists from Emily Wiess(1) and Adam Dudziak (2), and a goal by Kris Wiess from Matt Wiess. The win in net to Frank Guarino over Jason Wiess.

Spuddy Bombs 10 Westcor 6

Brady Kloss should qualify for the Mentor Youth Hockey Hall of Fame after exile in the East Coast playing Junior Hockey and scoring 7 goals in the Spuddy Bombs win. He had help from Jake Tackett with a hat trick and 3 assists. For Westcor Ben Walburton and Mike Garam combined for all 6 goals, with 4 assists from Adam Grady. The win in net to Justin Ropos over Declan Conway (Mentor Ice Breakers).

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