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League Play- Week 2

North Coast 9 Thunder Turtles 5

North Coast dished out a little payback to the perennial champions from Mentor—but not without a fight. Ben Warburton managed 4 goals for North Coast, and Mike Garam a hat trick. Allen Raeder added 2 more goals, and Brandon Warburton another, with assists and plenty of hustle from Brad Zicarelli, Jared Prior and Matt Biats. Jason Ropos took the win in net with 25 saves. For the Turtles Brandon Hudock and Jake Tackett had 2 goals each, and 1 goal for Jordi Markovic. Matt Madison (former Mentor Cardinal) added 4 assists, and netminder Brady Kloss 18 saves.

Zero Pucks Given 10 Westcor 4

ZPG invaded Rec Park with three full lines to take down Westcor’s formidable short bench. For ZPG Dan Fritsche (Columbus Blue Jackets-NHL) lead the charge with 4 goals and 1 assist. Adam Grady added 2 goals and 1 assist; Tristan Bly 1 goal and 2 assists; Greg Crissman 2 goals and 1 assist; Nick Laudato 2 assists; and Mark Contorno 1 goal and 1 assist. For Westcor Dom Anselmo and Mark Abraham tallied 2 goals each, and Jeff Marinic and Andy Mozil 2 assists each. The win in the crease went to Tom McManus with 18 saves, but upstaged by a wild 45 save performance by Michael Thompson.

Crooked River 18 Monticello Mowers 2

Crooked River came out attacking from every angle. Goals rained in on the purple gang goalie Nick Galbraith facing 55 shots. Crooked River’s endless rushes featured Anthony Moses (5 goals), Joe Sayegh(7 goals), Jason Brothers(2 assists), Ben Keck (2 goals), and former Shaker Red Raider Jamal Townsend (4 goals). For the purple gang Drew Kingery scored from Dillon Cunningham, and Pat Boyer from Kingery. The win in goal to Frank Guarino of Crooked River.

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 10 Misfits 7

PFC’s Tony Parenti caught fire with 6 goals to lead their All Star laden roster to victory over the Misfits---a family affair. Tony had help from teammates Nick Larkin (2 goals, 1 assist), Bob Muller (1 goal 2 assists), and John Kuzniar (1 goal 3 assists). The Misfits were equally dazzling and never gave up. Adam Dudziak, Shawn Sadler and Scott Kalman had 2 goals each. Add a goal by Kris Wiess and assists by Emily Wiess and Matt Wiess, and 29 saves by Garrett Sadler. The win however, goes to PFC’s Mike Thompson in goal.

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