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2019 Spring Opener - League Play

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 15 Monticello Mowers 1

An experienced, former championship team roster from PFC welcomed the Monticello Mowers to Northeast Ohio Dek Hockey with a 15-1 win in Painesville Kiwanis Rec Park. Tony Parenti (5), Mike Ingenthorn (4) and Nick Larkin (5) combined for a total 14 goals, with still another goal from Bob Mueller, and an assist and great defense from Jeff Burhenne. Neil Conway scored a goal from Mike Petronzio for the Mowers, with a lot of purple hustle from teammates Dylan Cunningham, Nick Galbraith, Pat Beyer, Ed Patriarcha, Drew Kingery and Blake Seaman. The win in net to Justin Ropos of PFC.

Crooked River 10 Misfits 5

Crooked River held onto their lead over the coed, family ensemble, the Misfits, to claim victory. For Crooked River there were 4 goals and 2 assists by Jamal Townsend, a hat trick and 2 assists by Steve Smith, and 2 goals and 1 assist by Joe Sayegh. The win in goal to Frank Guarino over Mentor Hockey Men’s League All Star Jason Wiess. Misfit goals came from Kris Wiess (1), Garrett Sadler (2), Shawn Sadler (1), and Emily Wiess (1).

North Coast 10 Zero Pucks Given 0

A perennial contender, ZPG took a short bench into a game with the recent tournament finalists the North Coast Spa—and things did not go well. Hat tricks by Ben and Brandon Warburton chimed the shutout bell. The blue horde rushes were relentless, with more points from Brad Zicarelli, Alan Raeder, Matt Biatts and Mike Garam.

Spuddy Bombs 11 Westcor 3

Another regular contender Westcor was defeated by the Shamrock Tournament victors; that is, the Spuddy Bombs. Westcor’s Mark Abraham and Dom Anselmo lead a late rally for Westcor with 2 points each. Add a goal by Mark Stimecz and an assist by Andrew Mozul. It was the Spuddy Bombs however, that seemed to have perfected their cycle game with Matt Madison leading the charge tallying 5 goals and 1 assist, joined by Brandon Hudock and Jake Tackett both with hat tricks, and Jodi Markovic with 5 (yes 5) assists. Brady Kloss carried the day in the crease for the Spuddy Bombs, laced with former Mentor Cardinals, and college(CSU) and junior (New Jersey Titans) hockey players.

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