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Polar Bear Champions 2019

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Pittsburgh Outkast wins Polar Bear Tournament

The Pittsburgh Outcast survived a sunny, but chilly March Day in Painesville, Ohio, to emerge victorious in the Polar Bear Tournament Championship for Northeast Ohio. Despite an early round 8-8 draw with the Mentor Thunder Turtles they were able to capture first seed in the playoffs with consecutive victories over the Free Agent’s and a star studded 5 O’ Clock Somewhere entry. The final was a decisive 6-0 win, noting a shutout Final by Outkast goaltender Braden Frankert. Each and every other player on the Outkast roster contributed to the scoring; that is, Dillon Eichhorn, Ray Frankert, Hanson Litzenger, Owen Mills, and Kevin Mills. Congrats to our Pittsburgh visitors, and special thanks to referee tandem Mike Cottos and Joel Eisenhower.

First ever D2 Tournament- Painesville Dek Hockey will be hosting its first D2 level tournament of the year March 30. Register here-

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