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Winter League Champions

Zero Pucks Given 5 Crooked River 3

Not pouring rain, not a 25 degree temperature drop, not a lights out in the playoffs, nor smoke inhalation from a drowned log fire deterred a determined Dek Hockey contingent from bringing the Winter season to a close before more snow falls. And fate gave the nod to ZPG for their second championship despite a back-to-back game draw to the semis in a single elimination format. Both teams were at full strength with 2 full lines and a goaltender. The win over Crooked River included a late rally, and goals by Greg Crissman (2), Adam Grady (1), Brendan Moreau (1) and Nick Laudato(1). Assists and defense from Teammates Erik Schmidt (1), Mark Contorno (1) and Brendan Moreau (1) sealed the victory, with a lot of running and incidental contact all around. Crooked River started out on fire. The scoring was a hat trick by Joe Sayegh from Anthony Moses, Jamal Townsand and Patrick Haltan. The win in net to a sturdy Justin Ropos over MVP Grayson Sieg.

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