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Fall League 2018 -Week 6

Double Header

Westcor 13 North Coast Spa 6

The first game of a twilight double header saw a staggering Westcor victory, with both teams playing with a short bench. Dom Anselmo was in form with 6 goals and 3 assists for Westcor. Westcor’s Jason Pickering christened the evening with the first 2 goals of his total of 4 for the game—with assists from Dom Anselmo and Jeff Havel. Add goals by Mark Abraham(2) and Jeff Havel (1) and the win is sealed. North Coast offered steady resistance with hat tricks by Ben Warburton and Mike Garam. The win in net to Mike Thompson over Justin Ropos, both goalies with assists.

Westcor 8 North Coast 5

North Coast started things off with upset in the wind as a hot Ben Warburton scored 3 goals and Mike Garam 2 goals, with 2 assists by late arrival Andrew Mozil. But Jason Pickering would not hear it as he exploded for a 5 goal rampage. Mark Abraham iced the victory with 2 goals and the Jeff Havel the cherry with an evening ending rocket finding its way into the back of the net.

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