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Week 2- Spring 2018

Westcor 13 Boilermakers 7

The clash of titans from the past resulted in Westcor on top. They swarmed from every corner with a full coed roster, and a constant barrage of steady, changing shifts. Led by former British Elite league pro Michael Timms with 4 goals— teammates Brian Przybyzewski, John Kuzniar and Mark Abraham tallied a hat trick each---and a twisted welcome celebration for the Boilers goalkeeper Mike Mramor back to the crease. More dangling and assists from Sarah Timms and a rock solid game in net by Mike Thompson sealed the Boilers fate. The Boilers added a helmeted youth corps to their roster with Alexis Mramor of the Cleveland Barons, and a come lately line from the Lake Erie Panthers; that is, Brodie Trem, Nick Malden and Matt Kish. The foursome orchestrated a late rally, including Coach A.J. Bailey with 2 goals and an assist for what turned out to be a bridge too far.

Avery International 6 vs. Misfits 5

The evening’s barn burner saw the undefeated Misfits falling to undefeated Avery with a game adding all the trimmings. Numerous tied scores/stop clock/pulled goalie as time ran out. The works. Valiant in defeat, the Wiess and Sadler clans battled to the end, with Shawn chanting “Dilly dilly!” Adam Dudziak opened the festivities for the Misfits with a goal from Jason Wiess. The last four goals(two each) were scored by Shawn and Garrett Sadler. The final, and most desperate goal for the Misfits was scored with an assist by Matt Wiess, goalie for the Misfits, and his sister Emily Wiess also had 2 assists. For Avery Jeremy Letterman led the rallying grey horde with a hat trick, Mike Corbin with 2 goals, and 1 goal from Nick Larkin. Add assists and D from Sebastian Diaz, Ben Mason and Jeff Burhenne to seal the deal with a true team effort. The win in net to Grayson Sieg, changing on the fly with Mike Thompson, just to keep things interesting.

Conway Land Title 4 Dek Rescue 1

With age and guile reminiscent of the US Olympic Gold Medal curling team, Conway’s average Joes took home a tidy win from Dek Rescue. Goals from Brandon Klinger, Mike Cottos and Garret Sadler paced Conway’s green clad mob to victory, with assists from Scotty Farrington and Mike Williams. Mike Thompson took the win over a harassed Dom Anselmo in goal, surviving a hailstorm from every direction. Mike Garam added Deck Rescue’s only tally, with a lot of almosts from Rick Dunham and friends. Referee A. J. Bailey survived an alleged Mike Cottos slash at the face off, which failed to seek administrative review due to a broken video camera by supposed vandals. Mike Cottos denied any knowledge of the vandalism incident.

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 14 Zero Pucks Given 8

PFC reinforced the history of this rivalry with ZPG by thwarting their notorious cycling game with a sold victory. Kudos to Jason Weiss for the win in goal. The scoring deluge was impressive for PFC with every player contributing: Tony Parenti (5 goals); Craig Jackson (4 goals); Mike Ingenthron (4 goals and 5 assists); Derek Pixley (1 goal and 4 assists); Scott Jackson 1 assist. ZPG was always on the rebound with hat tricks by Nick Laudato and Brendan Moreau, and goals by Greg Crissman and Mark Contorno.

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