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Opening Day of Dek!

Misfits 12 Zero Pucks Given 10

The Misfits were undaunted at drawing the notorious ZPG (recent league regular season champions) for their first game. The speed and intensity of play was noted. A family affair for the Wiess clan saw the Misfits (Dad) Jason Wiess lead the offense with 5 goals, (Mom) Kris Wiess playing great Defense, 4 goals from Tony Rondinelli, 3 assists from (daughter) Emily Wiess, a hat trick by Adam Dudziak, and a dazzling display of goaltending by (son) Matt Wiess. ZPG came back to tie over and over again, including a wild stop time finish and an open netter for the Misfits to halt the attack as time ran out. Brendan Moreau had 4 goals for ZPG, 2 goals and 1 assist by Greg Crissman, 1 goal and 3 assists by Nick Larkin, a goal by Nick Laudato, 1 goal and 1 assist by Erik Schmidt, an assist by Justin Szucs, a goal by Brian Bly and an assist by son Tristan Bly (Mentor Hockey), Mark Contorno on D and Patrick Ball in net.

Avery 11 Conway Title 4

Nick Larkin fired in the first goal and 3 more thereafter to lead Avery to a decisive win. Two goals each by Letterman, Penney and Mason kept the game out of reach for Conway, with a points and D from Jeff Burhenne and Sebastian Diaz. Scott Farrington defied age with 2 goals for Conway Title and a goal each by Bob Ivancic and Brandon Klinger. Mike Williams and Ray Snyder hustled to add 2 assists each. Grayson Sieg prevailed in the crease over Dom Anselmo.

Boliermakers 9 Painesville Furniture and Carpet 4

Light in warmups, the Boilers transitioned their short bench to victory with 4 goals by Dean Kelly (Lake Catholic Coach), 2 goals by Matt Kish, 3 assists by A. J. Bailey (Lake Erie Eagles), 1 goal and 1 assist by Zach Grandstaff (Team Audi), and a goal by Dad Rick Kish, whose son Rob (Lake Catholic) was relentless in net. PFC’s rally was too little too late--Mike Ingenthron with a hat trick, with a dazzling wrister from Craig Jackson finding its way into the back of the net.

Westcor 7 Deck Rescue 6

The former league and playoff Champions Westcor were on their heels early as hat tricks by Deck Rescue’s Scott Kalman and Alan Reader seemed to pave the way to victory. But the early lead vanished under some determined play by Westcor. John Kazmir and Mark Abraham added hat tricks to 1 goal and 1 assist by a tireless Nick Larkin, and support and assists by Sarah Timms and Kim Piszczor. Westcor hung on to their 1 goal margin to the very end, with Jason Wiess taking home the win in goal.

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