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DekRats Win 2018 Polar Bear

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Polar Bear Cup saw a range of weather, wind and light rain, as Painesville Dek Hockey hosted the biggest tournament in Northeast Ohio history with 9 teams. The ending saw the DekRats (Pittsburgh) defeating the Browns 7-5 in an exciting, see saw final. The experienced DekRats won 4 straight-- led by Jason Donavan in the Championship with 4 goals, and a goal each by Captain Chris Sinclair and Michael Connor. Tyler Houmard led the Browns with a hat trick, and a goal each by associates Dean Kelly and Liam Conway. The day was filled with excitement, including a brother v. brother semi-final by the Browns(Alex Okicki, Liam Conway, Declan Conway) v. the Free Agents (Tim Okicki, Neil Conway); a 2 win round robin rally in the relegation round by Columbus’ Age Against the Machine, only to fall to the teenage Pittsburgh Outkast youth team; a goal by Declan Conway in the early round with seconds left, breaking a 4-4 tie and advancing the Browns to the semi-final; the Mentor high grads and prior league and tourney Champion Thunder Turtles failing to advance, and the mythical best dressed award to Cleveland’s entry from the west side the “CLE Kings.” It appears a good time was had by all.

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