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Semi- Finals 2017 Winter League

Avery 8 Zero Pucks Given 5

The undefeated top seed went down in flames to a determined Avery squad in the semi-final on the wings of a hot goalie--- Grayson Sieg. A hat trick each from Varen Hutchinson and Sam Tovissi paved the way, with points and hustle from Nick Larkin (2), Makenzie Lein (2), Jeremy Letterman (1), and Jeff Burhenne(1). ZPG’s late rally proved too little too late with a hat trick by Brendan Moreau (with his wife and daughter Scarlett rooting him on), 2 goals and 1 assist from Greg Crissman, and 3 assists from Erik Schmidt --mostly from the red line. The win in net to Grayson Sieg over an injured, but undaunted Ritchie K.

Westcor 7 Free Agents 3

Cinderella story # 2 was Westcor. But defense stalwart Kim Piszczor could have used a steel slipper with attachments for 2 slapshots she bravely endured. A goalie-turned-sniper Dom Anselmo (University School Goalie Coach) paced the victors. Goals were added by John Kuzniar and Brian Przybyszewski, with assists from Allie Forbush and Kim Piszczor to ice the victory. In response the Free Agent’s Nick Laudato added 2 goals and a painful slapshot, with the opening goal a stunning wrister on the run by Virgil Lanning. An assist by netminder Grayson Sieg was dazzling, but the win goes to Mike Thompson of Westcor. Westcor now advances to meet Avery for the Championship.

Fancy Boyz 9 Painesville Furniture & Carpet 6

Cinderella Men 3… the Fancy Boyz… capped an evening of furious play with a solid consolation victory. Steve Wilson found the back of the net for 5 goals, with Rick Dunham(former Marine and wrestler for Mentor High) and Dave Whitcomb 2 goals each. For PFC Craig Jackson was hot with a hat trick, and his bud Tony Parenti with 2 goals and an assist, as well as Derek Pixley with 1 goal and 3 assists. Grayson Sieg over Mike Cottos for the win in the crease.

Kudos to referees Brian Przybyszewski and A.J. Bailey for a job well done

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