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Playoffs- Winter 2017

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Zero Pucks Given 7 Free Agents 3

The Free Agents came out on fire, but a spectacular goalie dual between Ritchie K (ZPG) and Mike Cottos (Free Agents) kept the score low until ZPG pulled away to win. ZPG’s 2 line forage included a hat trick by Brandon Moreau, 2 goals and 1 assist by Brian Bly (of counsel), 1 goal and 2 assists by Greg Crissman, 1 goal by Justin Szucs, 1 assist by Erik Schmidt, and 1 assist and a collision(with Mike Cottos) by Mark Contorno. For the Free Agents Virgil Lanning scored 2 goals, with 1 goal and 1 assist from Nick Laudato and an assist by Scott Kalman.

Westcor 8 vs Fancy Boyz 2

The foggy dew made the playing conditions a bit slippery, but did not hold back Westcor from a rampage. Brian Przybyszewski had 5 goals and 1 assist—John Kuzniar 1 goal and 1 assist---1 goal from Mark Abraham—1 assist by Dom Anselmo---and 1 assist by Allie Forbush. Fancy Boyz decked out in red, white and blue featured a goal by Rick Dunham from Fritz Harrell, and a goal by Steve Wilson from Steve DiMatteo. The win in net to Mike Thompson of Westcor.

Avery 6 vs. Painesville Furniture & Carpet 5

Avery capped off the evening by prevailing in the night’s barn burner to advance in playoffs. Varen Hutchinson had 2 goals, adding goals by Nick Larkin, Makenzie Lein, Jeff Burhenne and Sebastian Diaz. Sam Tovissi and Jeremy Lettermen had 2 assists each. For PFC Mike Ingenthorn had a hat trick, 1 goal and 2 assists for Tony Parenti, 1 goal for Derek Pixley, 1 assist for Kevin Myles, and 1 assist for Craig Jackson. The win in the crease goes to a determined Ritchie Koshy.

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