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Winter League - Week 4 2017

Free Agents 10 Fancy Boyz 10

Mike Cottos’ chilly debute in the crease for Fancy Boyz was like going on a fishing trip for the first time in “The Perfect Storm.” A draw at 10 each however, is nonetheless exciting. Nick Laudato carried the load for the Free Agents with a litany of slap shots and 7 goals in total. Teammates in support were Scott Revall (2 goals 2 assists), Virgil Lanning (1 goal), and assists by Mark Williams (1) and Scott Kalman (2). For Fancy Boyz it was successive rallies and points from Rick Dunham (3), Fritz Harell(1), Derek Cogar (4), Steve Wilson (4), Chris Slocumbe (2) and Steve DiMatteo (1).

Westcor 5 Painesville Furniture & Carpet 5

The second tie of the evening was equally exciting with an emphasis on defense, including both goalkeepers Ritchie K (Westcor) and Mike Cottos(PFC). For Westcor John Kuzniar, Nick Larkin and Steve Wilson had 2 points each, with an assist by Steve DiMatteo. PFC’s hot hands were Derek Pixley with 2 goals and 2 assists and Mike Ingenthron with 2 goals. Tony Parenti added 1 goal and 2 assists, Kevin Myles a timely assist and Craig Jackson an assist for Westcor.

Zero Pucks Given 13 Avery 2

ZPG continued their undefeated hot streak as they soundly defeated a solid Avery contingent. Brendan Moreau smoked in 6 goals with his pal Justin Szucs another 4. Brian Bly tallied 2 goals and 2 assists, with 2 more assists from Greg Crissman, dotting the cool evening with a stunning deflection goal by Crissman(Miami of Ohio) from Erik Schmidt. Avery’s attack included Jeremy Letterman, Nick Larkin, Sebastian Diaz and Jeff Burhenne. The win in net to Ritchie Koshy of Toronto.

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