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Open Division - Winter League 2017

Zero Pucks Given 4 Westcor 3

The battle of the Titans in the rain was incredible, with goaltenders Ritchie K and Michael Thompson blocking shots at hyper-speed. ZPG prevailed leaving them in first place at 2-0. Brendan Moreau tallied 2 goals for ZPG in the win, and a goal each by Erik Schmidt and draft pick John Hunter. Add assists by Mark Contorno (2), Justin Szucs (1) and Brian Bly (1) to round out the score sheet. Domenic Anselmo lead Westcor with 2 goals, and another by Mark Abraham. The win in net to Ritchie Koshy.

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 7 Fancy Boyz 3

Mike Ingenthron lead PFC with a steady stream of 4 goals and 2 assists, with more goals from teammates Craig Jackson, Tony Parenti, and a goal and an assist by Derek Pixley. Kevin Myles adds and assist, with Ritchie K and Mike Thompson splitting the net for the win for PFC over Steve DiMatteo. For Fancy Boyz Derek Cogar had 2 goals, Steve Wilson 1 goal and 2 assists, and Chris Slocombe a goal.

Free Agents 6 Avery 5

A win over Avery is not to be taken lightly. The Free Agents prevailed in a cliff hanger, with a hat trick by Nick Laudato, and goals by Scott Kalman, Michael Williams and Scott Revall. Each of the Free Agent’s goal scoring foursome had an assist too, as did Rich Dunham. Avery’s rocket launchers were the familiar Jeremy Letterman (2), Jeff Burhenne(2), and Varen Hutchinson (1)—with 2 assists from Nick Larkin.

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