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Championships - Fall Season 2017

Runner Up

Avery 10 Painesville Furniture & Carpet 8

The finals opened up with a fast-paced battle with Avery on top by 2 goals in the end. Jeremy Letterman exploded for a 5 goal evening, with Varen Hutchinson adding 2 goals and 2 assists. Avery players seemed to be everywhere as Makenzie Lein added 2 goals, 2 assists by Nick Larkin, and another assist by Sam Touvissi. Mike Ingenthron battled back constantly with 4 goals—2 goals and 2 assists by Tony Parenti—and a goal each by Derek Pixley and Bob Mueller. Grayson Sieg took the honors in the crease after an exhausting battle with PFC’s tireless AJ Bailey.

D-2 Finals

Westcor 5 Zero Pucks Given 4

Passion, glory and agony were on the menu for the “final of the evening” as Westcor edged out ZPG. It was ZPG’s first shot at the title. Goals by Brian Przybyszewski, Mike Timms, Allie Forbush and Mark Abraham put Westcor over the top with D from John Kuzniar, Sarah Timms and Kim Piszczor. While an incredible goalie dual took center ring--ZPG came back over and over with 2 goals from Brendan Moreau, a goal by Justin Szucs, and a bar down goal by Brian Bly to tie things up late in the third period. Mike Thompson prevailed in the goalkeeper battle over Ritchie K. The winners earned a champagne shower at the victory celebration.

D-1 Finals

Thunder Turtles 13 The Known World 9

The Thunder Turtles claimed yet another title and playoff victory as John Hunter(5 goals), Connor Stump (4 goals), Jake Tackett (4 goals) and Brady Kloss(the win in net and an assist) simply refused to give in. For the opposition A.J. Bailey was at the helm with 4 goals, as Riley Brown, Neil Conway, John Hunter and Mike Timms all added points. A great ending to a great season.

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