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  • Neil Conway III

D1- Week 5 - Fall Season

Old, Fat & Drunk (Erie) 13 Conway Land Title 2

The Erie bunch overwhelmed Conway’s orange clad squad from the get go with 5 goals each from Tony Rondinelli and Mike Timms, as well as goals and assists from Jake Binney(3), Chris Merski (4), and Brian Przybyzewski (3). A.J. Bailey scored 2 loan goals for Conway, both unassisted. Goalie Adam Grady got slammed with action, while Mike Thompson takes the win in net for Erie.

Thunder Turtles 9 Terkk’s Computer Service 8

The game of the evening was a close one for the Thunder Turtles, getting by with a light bench. John Hunter and Connor Stump combined for 9 goals, and Jake Tackett 8 assists. Terkik’s went the distance with hat tricks by Riley Brown and Brian P; as well as support from Jake Binney with 5 assists while Ian Lengel played defense. Dom Anselmo squeeked by with the win in goal over a solid game by opponent Ritchie K.

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