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D2 Fall League - Week 3

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 14 Deck Rescue 9

PFC was rocking as rubber flew like a hailstorm around the rink. Mike Ingenthron of PFC lead the way with 7 goals. Just add a little help and points from his friends Tony Parenti (3 points), Derek Pixley (2 goals), Jerrod Baxter (I point), Kevin Myles (2 points), Joe Reedy (2 points), Bob Mueller (3 points), and Scott Jackson( 1 point) and you have enough points for a win over almost anyone. Seven goals is usually enough for Deck Rescue to take home the victory, but as Herb Brooks would say “ Not tonight !.” Despite the hustle and points from Dom Anselmo (3), Former Lake Catholic ice hockey player Kyle Madison(3), Scott Kalman(1), Ian Lengel (1), and a hat trick from Attorney Nick Laudato former hockey player for Gilmour Academy. The battle in net went to Jason Wiess over a rapidly improving Tony Boris.

Zero Pucks Given 7 Fancy Boyz 0

Despite some dazzling red, white and blue uniforms with stars and stripes, the otherwise competitive Fancy Boyz got shut out by ZPG. Brandon Moreau showed up to play with 4 goals for ZPG, 2 early on. Recent acquisition A.J. Bailey from Geneva added 2 goals, and Greg Crissman 1 goal and 2 assists. Ritchie K took home the 2nd shutout in Northeast Ohio Dek Hockey league play history.

Westcor 4 Avery 4

The game of the night was full of great plays and mood swings, ending in a draw. Daren Hutchinson led Avery with a hat trick, and Nick Larkin scored the tying goal. Critical assists came from Makenzie Lein, Sam Touissi and Jeremy Letterman to stay even. Former OHL goalie Brian Przybyszewski (Mississauga Ice Dogs) scored the opening goal for Westcor, and later added 2 key assists. British Professional hockey player Mike Timms(Kent) was in form too with 2 goals and an assist. Ad a goal from Mark Abraham and an assist from Sarah Timms—leading the chicks-with-sticks corps of Kim, Ally and Sarah—and you have a great contest. Goalkeeprs Grayson Sieg and Mike Thompson also seemed at their best in the light rain; handling slap shots, wrist shots and rebounds for a stunning display of netminding.

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