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D2 Fall League Opening Day

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 8 Avery International 7

The fall league kick off contest began with a real thriller, as PFC returned to its winning ways with a 1 goal victory. Tony Parenti registered a hat trick for PFC, including the final tally providing the margin for victory. Mike Ingenthron also registered a hat trick, with points from comrades in arms Bob Mueller, Joe Reedy, Scott Jackson and Jerrod Baxten. Jason Wiess took the win in net for PFC after a hard fought battle with goalie Grayson Sieg. Avery’s Nick Larkin and Jeremy letterman both had hat tricks for Avery, adding points from Sam Touissi, Jeff Burhenne, Makenzie Lein, Sebastian Diaz and Varen Hutchinson.

Zero Pucks Given 5 Dek Rescue 4

Nothing better(or worse from the other side) than a 1 goal lead which does a 180 degree swing in the closing minute of play with 2 tidy goals. The experienced ZPG entourage did just that ! They were led by Greg Crissman with cunning and 2 goals, and help from his friends Justin Szucs, Brian Bly and Brendan Moreau with a goal each. Mark Contorno and Erik Schmidt had assist for ZPG also. Nick Laudato captained Dek Rescue with a hat trick thru some tough defense—add a goal from Scott Revall and assists from Craig Jackson and Jason Bracken. Both goalies were solid, as Ritchie K steals the win from Tony Boris.

Westcor 9 Fancy Boyz 7

Westcor returned with style and a hot Brian Przybyszewski scoring 3 goals and 5 assists, with another 5 goals from Mark Abraham. Add assists from Kim Piczczor and Michael Timms, with Michael Thompson stopping rebounds by diving all over the crease and you have a winning formula. Fancy Boyz lived up to their name with some dazzling uniforms designed from the American Flag. 2 goals each for Steve Wilson and Derek Cogar of the Fancy Boyz, keeping them in contention. Add points from Dave Whitcomb(3), Matt Biats(2), Rich Dunham (1) and Fritz Harrell (1).

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