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  • Neil Conway III

D1 Final- Summer League


Big Red Machine 19 Quack Attack 11

The Red horde goal scoring machine was peaking, despite the Ducks reputation from winning 2 major tournaments, now going for their first playoff win. But it wasn’t meant to be. The Red Machine’s nucleus of goal scoring forwards—Brady Kloss, Connor Stump and Brandon Hudock stayed the course. But it was a hot Brian Anthony that made the real difference, leading in points in the big game. Brandon Tackett and Anthony Kruger showed cunning and guile in their rebounds and cycling, but in the evening sun the lead slowly slipped away. They were supported by Connor Robbins and Kyle Peters with tireless hustle, as the greatest season in Northeast Ohio Dek Hockey came to an end. Goalkeepers Jake Tackett and Dominic Anselmo stood tall in the net, with the win to a deserving Jake Tackett.

Thanks to the extraordinary fan support and staff for Neil (Bubby) Conway’s visionary endeavor:

Brian Dolan: Referee

Jordan Clementz: Announcer, Clock & Scorekeeper

Ryan Halsik: Ball Management and EBG

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