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All Star Game & D1 Playoffs

Semi Final (2nd seed v. 3rd seed)

Quack Attack 11 Honey Badgers 7

4 v 4 with a goalie on each team, and everyone running hard, left the seasoned Ducks advancing to the Championship. The Quack Attack goal scoring was led by the passionate play of Anthony Kruger and Brandon Tackett, with defense and assists from Connor Robbins and Kyle Peters. For the Honey Badgers Shawn Sadler tallied 4 goals, his son Garret Sadler(Team Audi) an assist, 3 assists from Mike Korosi, and Neil Conway 2 goals and 2 assists. Domenic Anselmo prevailed in net for the Quack Attack in a hard fought duel with the Honey Badgers Ritchie K.

Semi Final (1st seed v. 4th seed)

Big Red Machine 13 Trashers 12

A season of Division 1 cliff set the mood for a 1 goal upset by the Red Machine over the previously undefeated Trashers. The Cinderella men squeeked into the playoffs, first with a win taking them from 5th to 4th seed—then handing the 7-0 Trashers their first loss—and on to the final. Red goals followed in sequence from a hot Connor Stump, with Brady Kloss, Brain Anthony and Brian Hudock in towand following suit with a fast pace . Leading Division 1 scorer Domenic Valerian was out in front for the Trashers with brother CJ close behind. Joe IaDemarco and Matt Bipuccio were also running wild, but in control for the Trashers deluge of rubber on Red goalie Jake Tackett. The final buzzer tolled an unforeseen ending; sending Big Red to the final. A rock solid Jake Tackett of the Mentor Cardinals took the win in goal, showing he was not afraid to play the puck too, with ebg Ryan Halsik of the Kent Cyclones battling for the Trashers.

All Star Game

Boilermakers 8 vs. D-2 All Stars 6

The All Stars were not lacking in skill or enthusiasm in their exhibition debute. However, it was the Boilers whose relentless attacks outdistanced the All Stars to claim victory. Boiler points came from every player; that is, Mike Timms (4), Dean Kelly (4), Zach Grandstaff (3), Patrick Kristo (2), Rick Kish (1), AJ Bailey (1), and Jason Wiess (1). Rob Kish was no less than stunning in net, taking the win over the resilient Mike Thompson (Westcor). All Star tallies were made by Tony Rondinelli (OFD), Nick Laudato (Havel’s), Greg Crissman (ZPG), Brendan Moreau (ZPG), Chris Gilbert (OFD), Mike Ingelthron (PFC), Nick Larkin (PFC), Scotty Farrington (OFD), and Jeremy Letterman (PFC).

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