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D2 Summer League Championship

5th Place Game

Zero Pucks Given 16 Havel’s Greenhouses 11

Both teams finished in style as ZPG racked up the most points in a gong show of offense: Jeff Campbell (4 goals 2 assists)-- Mark Contorno (3 goals 3 assists)-- Greg Crissman (5 goals 1 assists)-- and Eric Heidenreich (1 goal). Brian Bly put the icing on the cake by stopping the season’s only penalty shot with 3 seconds on the clock. He also takes the win in his return to the net and a renewed battle with Havel’s goalie Tony Boris. For Havels Domenic Anselmo rocked the rink with 9 (yes count em) goals and help from Nick Laudato with 4 more points, Ian Lengel with defense and 4 assists, Scott Kalman with a goal and an assist, and Jay Bracken with another assist.

Third Place Game

Boilermakers 11 Painesville Furniture & Carpet 9

Another well matched contest saw Mike Ingenthron in a 6 goal rampage for PFC fall short of victory as the Boilers eventually better accommodated the see-saw battle to the very end. Nick Larkin and Tony Parenti bolstered PFC’s early challenge, outdone by the Boilers dogged defense and accuracy in shooting. Boiler goals were scored by Zach Grandstaff, and family combos Mackenzie and Alexis Mramor—Jason, Kris and Matt Wiess (Cleveland Barons)—and Hockey Dad and former Walsh University hoopster Mike Mramor, who edged out A.J. Bailey in goal for the win.


Old, Fat & Drunk 12 vs Westcor 6

The Chip ! The Chip ! Erie came thru with a late rally spurred by the arrival of the league’s leading scorer Bailey Maloney. He pummeled in goals on the upset-intent Westcor Reds with his associates Jake Binney, Chris Merski, and Tony Rondinelli. Assists and defense were the primary responsibility of Chris Gilbert and Seanna Conway. A five goal romp for Westcor by Mike Timms could not turn the tide. Westcor’s attack included a goal and an assist by Brian Przybyzewski, and assists by Ian Lengel and Sarah Timms. Patrick Ball prevailed in the goalie battle with Mike Thompson. Erie took home the title despite a protest lodged by Nathan Przybyszewski that the trophy belonged to his father.

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