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D2 Playoffs- Semi Finals

Consolation: Zero Pucks Given 16 Havel’s Greenhouses 6

One might say ZPG showed up with a wee bit of a chip on their shoulder after a sudden death OT loss to Westcor in the quarter finals. They vented for 3 periods of non-stop goal scoring, launched by 6 goals and 2 assists from Justin Szucs, a hat trick and an assist from Brian Bly (converting from netminder to forward) and 3 consecutive goals by Mark Contorno on the fly. ZPG points were augmented by Greg Crissman (3), and 2 goals from Erik Schmidt. Havel’s brought in Bobby Ivancic, Jr. from Mentor Ice Hockey who scored 2 goals and an assist, with passes to and from Bob Ivancic, Sr.-- who also had a goal. Domenic Anselmo, another goalie in player’s clothing, had 2 goals and 2 assists for Havels, while raquetballer Scott Kalman added a goal and an assist. Goalie Tony Boris had a boatload of saves for Havels, but the win in the crease went to Ritchie K for ZPG.

Semi-Final: Westcor 8 Boilermakers 3

The Westcor game plan jelled again with Brian Przybyszewski scoring 4 goals, Mike Timms a hat trick, and Mike Abraham a goal and an assist. Sturdy defense from the all lady line of Sarah Timms, Ally Forbush and Kim Piszczor was effective against the Boilers potent offense. Dean Kelly lead the Boilers in scoring with 2 goals and an assist—a goal for Seanna Conway—and the win in net to Mike Thompson over Jason Wiess, also doubling as goaltender and forward.

Semi-Final: Old, Fat & Drunk 13 Painesville Furniture & Carpet 8

With a short bench and a lot of determination PFC kept even in a battle that slipped away in the third period to Erie’s dauntless roster. PFC kept even with 4 goals each from Mike Ingenthron and Tony Parenti, augmented by 2 assists each from Ian Lengel and Jay Bracken. But Bailey Maloney could only be contained for so long, as he and Tony Rondinelli captained a third period rally bolstered by defense and assists from Chris Merski, Jake Binney and Scotty Farrington. In an afternoon of incredible goaltending, Patrick Ball stepped up to steal the upset away from A.J. Bailey; as Erie heads to the final.

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