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D1- Week 6

Honey Badgers 13 Quack Attack 9

The fast and furious pace was enticing as the Badgers Tim Okicki’s speed and accurate shooting lead the Badgers with 5 goals. Mike Korosi added 2 goals, Bubby Conway (playing with a team of childhood hockey buds reunited) scored 2 goals and 4 assists, with goals to Alex Okicki and Garrett Sadler, and 1 goal and 1 assist to Billy Fetzko (OSU) for the Badgers. For the Ducks Anthony Krueger shattered the evening heat wave with 5 goals and Declan Conway (JCU) a hat trick. Brandon Tackett added 2 goals and a family picnic to the mix, with 3 assists from Kyle Peters, and an assist from Connor Robbins despite the loss. Toronto’s Rithchie K took the goalkeeper win in goal over a battling Domenic Anselmo.

Trashers 11 Big Red Machine 10

Another cliffhanger leaves the Trashers in first place. Domenic Valerian was in a zone with 5 goals from numerous angles. Ryan Curtin (Dayton University) had 2 goals and an assist, as did CJ Valerian. A goal and 4 assists go to Tyler Kallay, who announced his signing with Buffalo in the GOJHL this past week. Matt Bipuccio also had 2 assists for the Trashers. The Big Red Machine had Jake Tackett in net, and 5 goals from former Lake Catholic captain Brian Anthony. Liam Conway was everywhere for the Red with 3 assists and 3 goals (Lacrosse and hockey at Northland College, Wisconsin); Connor Stump 2 goals and 2 assists; and Brady Kloss 2 assists. The victory in goal goes to Eric Ulchaker (Dayton University).

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