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D2- Week 5

Boilermakers 8 Painesville Furniture & Carpet 6

The perennial never-say-die Boilers made their move on a solid PFC team to ignite the battle for second seed going into playoffs. Jason Wiess lit the fire for the Boilers with 6 goals, two from assists by his wife Chris Wiess. MacKenzie Mramor added 2 goals and 1 assist, Zach Grandstaff 1 goal and 1 assist, and Mackenzie’s sister Alexis Mramor an assist. In response, and with constant rushes, PFC’s Nick Larkin would not be denied a hat trick, with help from the surging Jeff Burhenne (2 goals 2 assists), Jeremy Letterman with 1 goal, and assists from Tony Parenti and Kevin Myles. Mike Mramor (the father of Mackenzie and Alexis)was in good form taking the win in net over a battling Pat DiCicco.

OLD, Fat and Drunk (Erie) 11 Zero Pucks Given 7

Erie is a tough draw when you are tied for 2nd. They took their 5th straight win in stride despite a few moments of doubt from a stubborn ZPG squad. Bailey Maloney and Tony Rondenelli competed in leading the assault with 4 goals each. Chris Merski added 2 goals and 3 assists, Chris Golbert 2 assists, and 1 goal and 1 assist from Jake Binney. For ZPG Greg Crissman (Miami University) had 4 goals, 2 more from speedster Mark Contorno, 1 goal and 1 assist from Justin Szucs, and 2 assists from Brendan Moreau. Erie now distances the rest if the league, as does goalkeeeper Patrick Ball, both at 5-0.

Westcor 15 Havel’s Greenhouses 6

Westcor’s game plan came to full fruition with the all female line (Ally,Kim,Sarah) shortstopping the Havel’s attack lead by Nick Laudato with a hat trick. For Havels Domenic Anselmo had 2 more goals and 1 assist, Jake Binney 1 goal and 1 assist, and Scott Kalman 1 assist. Westcor rained points beginning with a nifty shot by Mark Abraham (3), Brian Maloney (2), Brian Przybyszewski (6), Mike Timms(2), Kim Piszczor (4), sarah Timms(3) and Ally Forbush (2). Mike Thompson takes the wind in goal over a rapidly improving Tony Boris

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