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D1- Week 5 - Barn Burners

Boilermakers 7 Big Red Machine 6 Another heartbreaker for the Big Red Machine--who never seems to lose desire or love of the game. Dean Kelly seemed to be everywhere for the Boilers as he tallied 5 goals. Teammates Brian Przybyszewski and junior hockey player A.J. Bailey also scored goals, with A.J. adding another 3 assists for good measure, as well as an assist from Zach Grandstaff. Though falling short, the Red Machine fought back at every opportunity, with goals by Evan McBride, Jake Tackett, Paul McKito, and Connor Stump. A hard fought win was earned by Rob Kish in the crease over a relentless Brady Kloss. Trashers 11 Quack Attack 10 In a night of spectacular 1 goal games in Division 1, this one took the prize as barn burner of the evening. It also decided who would occupy 1st place. The Trashers arrival looked to some like a scene from the sci fi flick “The Cracken” as a team of mostly former Gilmour Academy Prep hockey players arrived, with most of the players ranging from 6’ 2” to 6’ 7” tall. Junior Hockey player Tyler Kallay opened up the scoring with a rocket for the Trashers, with Domenic Valerian again taking the reins with 5 goals. Brother C.J. Valerian had 2 more goals, 2 assists from Tyler Kallay, with Ryan Hall and Jordan Davenport(former Shaker Red Raider) joining in the fun of close encounters at high speeds. The Quack Attack’s Anthony Krueger had 4 goals and 3 assists, Connor Robbins a goal and 3 consecutive assists, and former Mentor High hockey standout Brandon Tackett a hat trick. Former Lake Catholic hockey star Nigel Bennet and Kyle Peters had 1 goal each for the Ducks. The game capped an evening of amazing play. 

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