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D1- Week 4

Quack Attack 13 Boilermakers 7

Opportunity knocked and the Quack Attack answered, moving in to a first place tie by defeating the defending spring league D-1 champions. Anthony Krueger captained the victory with 6 goals. A late arrival by Declan Conway added 4 more goals. The Quack Attack team showed speed and daring from a light bench as Kyle Peters added a hat trick and an assist, a dazzling Brandon Tackett showed relentless pursuit and 6 assists, and Connor Robbins pouring it on with 6 more assists. For the Boilers, a fearless Dean Kelly hammered in 4 goals, with points from call ups Bailey Maloney(2) and Jake Binney(1), as well as regulars AJ Bailey(1), Pat Kristo (2), and Zach Grandstaff (1). The win in net goes to University School’s goalie coach Domenic Anselmo after a stirring battle with Pat DiCicco.

Trashers 17 Honey Badgers 6

The college hockey clan ran away with the finale of the evening with Domenic Valerian exploding for 9 goals. He had help from Tyler Kallay with 4 goals and 2 assists, Mat Bupiccio (U of Michigan) with 2 goals and an assist, and brother CJ Valerian with 2 more goals and 2 assists. The Honey Badgers sported a youthful, short bench with Sean Sadler, Garret Sadler and Mike Korosi adding points to a hat trick by Henry Cseh of the Cleveland Barons. Eric Ulchaker (Dayton University) took the win in net for the Trashers over Totonto import Ritchie K.

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