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Week 4 - D2

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 12 Westcor 9

PFC was back in form with Jeremy Letterman out in front scoring 5 goals. They surrounded their former teammate goalie Mike Thompson from all angles with more points from Bob Mueller(7), Nick Larkin (5) Jeff Burhenne (2) and a goal from Kevin Myles. Westcor’s all lady line of Allie Forbush, Kim Piszczor and Sarah Timms seemed to rattle PFC on defense, long enough to throw them off for a change up on the line change with 4 goals and 2 assists from Brian Przybyszewski, 3 goals and 3 assists from Mike Timms, and 2 goals and an assist from Mark Abraham. Pat DiCicco prevailed in a hard-fought win in goal.

Old, Fat & Drunk (Erie) 23 Havel’s Greenhouses 7

Erie came to play. They rocked Havel’s in a hailstorm of rubber, now squarely in first place at 4-0. The offensive tirade was led by Bailey Maloney with 9 goals, Jack Binney with another 2 goals and 5 assists, and Tony Rondinelli dancing thru the crease for another 9 goals. Chris Gilbert was on board for a hat trick, and Chris Merski 8 assists. Patrick Ball almost stold the show for Erie with the win and an assist from the goalie position. Domenic Anselmo showed his diverse talent by scoring 2 goals to weather the onslaught for Havels, and Ian Lengel was relentless in propping up the defense with 4 assists. Ad points from the never-say-die Neil Conway, Scott Kalman and Jay Bracken, and Tony Boris in net with some nice stick saves.

Boilermakers 7 Zero Pucks Given 5

Like a clip from a horror film, a goalie named Jason in an obtuse mask appeared like the Man in the Iron Mask of old. He led the Boilers to victory by dramatic, athletic saves, and playing the ball fearlessly. Seanna Conway broke the scoring ice with the first goal, and followed later with an assist. Lake Catholic hockey coach Dean Kelly and Lake Catholic forward Zach Grandstaff scored a hat trick each for the Boilers. For ZPG Jack Campbell took the helm with a hat trick, followed by Brendan Moreau with 3 assists, and goals from Greg Crissman and Eric Heidenreich.

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