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Summer D2 Opening Day- Week 1

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 8 vs, Zero Pucks Given 8

ZPG gained a measure of parity in their opening season draw with the perennial champions PFC. ZPG’s Brendan Moreau was sharp in seizing opportunities to spearhead the assault with a hat trick. Teammates also assisted in adding points in a game of inches; that is, Mac Magruder (2), Mark Contorno a rocket from the red line, Greg Crissman(2), Jeff Campbell (2), Terry Stark (1) and Erik Schmidt (1). Jeremy Letterman lead the scoring for PFC with 4 goals. His supporting cast of Nick Larkin, Kevin Myles, Mike Ingenthron, and Jeff Burhenne all added hotly contested points. Goalies Ritchie K and A.J. Bailey battled to a standstill.

Old, Fat & Drunk (Erie) 14 vs. Westcor 4

The Erie Pa. (OFD) contingent may sound of pure comedy, but were not to be taken lightly. A convincing defeat reigned goals from Tony Rodinelli (5), Bailey Maloney (6), Chris Gilbert(3), Chris Merski and Scotty Maloney, literally putting the game out of reach. An undaunted Mike Timms responded with a hat trick for Westcor. The highlight of Westcor’s game however, was a goal by Sarah Timms in the third period, with assists from her all female line of Ally Forbush and Kim Piszczor. OFD’s Pat Ball stood tall and got the win in net.

Boilermakers 8 vs Havel 5

Lake Catholic’s Zach Grandstaff continued to develop as a threat near the crease with a hat trick to lead the Boilers to victory. But not without help from Dean Kelly (4 assists), Brian Maloney (2 goals 1 assist), Seanna Conway (1 goal), and Seth Miller (2 goals). Domenic Anselmo played out and gathered 2 goals for Havel’s, as did Nick Laudato, and a goal apiece from Ian Lengel and Jeff Havel. Tony Boris looked good in his debute in net for Havels, with the win to Lake Catholic’s Rob Kish.

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