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Summer- D1

Quack Attack 16 vs. Big Red Machine 10

With short benches the speed and hustle of both teams was nothing short of dazzling. Fast transitions and second phase played into the outcome as Anthony Krueger and Brandon Tackett scored 5 goals each for Quack Attack. Connor Robbins followed suit with 2 goals and 1 assist, as did Declan Conway with 2 goals, and Kyle Peters with 1 goal and 1 assist. Paul McKito lead the Big Red Machine with 6 goals and 1 assist, with points from Connor Stump (5), Liam Conway (2), and Jake Tackett (2). Domenic Anselmo was back in net for the win over a determined Brady Kloss.

Honey Badgers 8 vs. Boilermakers 3

The defending champion Boilers lost the opener to a determined Honey Badger team despite 2 goals from junior hockey player AJ Bailey, 1 goal from Dean Kelly, and an assist from Pat Kristo. Domenic Valerian topped the Honey Badger scoring list with 4 goals. He had support and points from the father-son team of Shawn and Garret Sadler, CJ Valerian and Joe IaDemarco. Goalkeeper Ritchie K was in a zone to take home another win.

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