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D2 Championship

Falvey Realty 6 Boilermakers 6

Falvey Realty and the Boilermakers fought to a 6-6 draw to start an afternoon of 6 contests showcasing some incredible local skills and sportsmanship.

A hat trick by the Boiler’s AJ Bailey was spurred on by points from teammates Neil Conway ( 2 goals 1 assist) , Ian Lengel(1 goal 1 assist) and Monsters fan Jason Bracken with an assist.

The Boilers co-ed roster was driven by Dean Kelly (6 points), Mackenzie Mramor (3 points), Seanna Conway (2 points) and Alexis Mramor. Declan Conway took an injured Mike Mramor’s place in goal, battling Lake Catholic’s Pat Kristo to a standstill.

Medal presentation to Mackenzie Mramor for most points (female) Boilermakers

Zero Pucks Given 11 Master Pizza 6

ZPG rebounded from their Semi-Final loss to claim third place with authority. Brendan Moreau led the way with 5 goals. Newly added recruit Rob Shaffalo added 2 goals, with 2 more from Jeff Campbell, another 2 from Greg Crissman, and an assist from Erik Schmidt. Nick Laudato paced Master Pizza with a hat trick followed by Ian Lengel with 2 goals and Bob Ivancic with 1 goal and 2 assists. Brian Bly took home a hard fought win in net.


Painesville Furniture & Carpet 6 Book Hockey 2

If you like good defense this was your game. In summary, PFC would not be denied their undefeated season and Championship. Mike Ingelthron and Jeff Burhenne set the pace with 2 goals each. Add points from Nick Larkin (3), Jeremy Letterman (3), and Joe Reedy capping the win. Goals by Fritz Harrell, Chris Slocombe, and an assist by Dave Reardon ended an incredible run to the Final by Book Hockey. Goalkeepers Mike Thompson and Steve DiMatteo could barely catch a breath in their evening dual, with the win to Mike Thompson.

Medal Presentations to Mike Timms and Brian Przybyszewski for most points (men) both of Falvey Realty

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