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D1 Playoffs and Championship

Boilermakers 12 Quack Attack 10 (Semi Final)

The Cinderella Story unfolded with the upset of the two time Tournament Champion and top seed “Quack Attack.” Ireland’s Dean Kelly played with intensity, racking up 4 goals, some directly from turnovers. The timing was right too, as he buried two in the third period folding a late Quack Attack rally to win the game. Brian Przybyszewski added a needed hat trick with support and points from Rick Kish, AJ Bailey, Pat Kristo and Cole Horvath. The Quack Attack were led by the passion of Anthony Krueger with 4 goals and 3 assists; and endless rallies and points from Connor Robbins(4), Collin Clifford(3), Mac Macgruder (3) and Adam Hayes (1). Declan Conway of John Carroll and Rob Kish of Lake Catholic battled fiercely in goal, with Mr. Kish taking the win to the Final in Division 1.

Most Points medal in D-1 to Evan Krueger (men) in abstencia for the Quack Attack

Conway Land Title 13 Big Red Machine 9 (Semi Final)

Conway’s Land Title’s towering Blue horde (average height around 6’2”) looked possessed as they outdistanced an unforgiving Big Red Machine team to victory and a shot at the title. The game was even until Tyler Kallay ripped off 4 straight rockets beginning in the second period. Jason Wiess, Neil Conway, Shawn Sadler, Garret Sadler and Domenic Valerian all added points for the Blue. Jake Tackett led the Red Machine with 5 goals, while Paul McKito added 2 blasts from his defensive position. Evan McBride added 2 points, and Connor Stump 4 points. Steve DiMatteo was called up to tend net for the win. Brady Kloss faced him—both playing well.

Championship (OT)

Boilermakers 15 Conway Land Title 14

A Division 1 final is a great time for one of the best Dek Hockey games ever played, not to mention an overtime final. The bottom seed Boilermakers also helped Cinderella find her slipper by playing a relentless game of pass and cycle with big hearts. But so did Conway’s Blue horde. The decider was shot in sudden death by the Boilers Brian Przybyszewski from A J Bailey… Brian’s fourth of the night. The night was full of comeback rallies and rockets. For the Boilers, Dean Kelly tallied 4 goals, with points by Pat Kristo, Rick Kish, AJ Bailey, Brian P. and Cole Horvath for a night to remember. The Blue point club fell short by a mere goal: Neil Conway (5 points), Tyler Kallay (9 points), Shawn Sadler (2 points), Jason Weiss (2 points) and Jason Indemarco (7 points). Rob Kish battled hard in net for the win, as did opponent Steve DiMatteo.

Thanks to the players for a great season of friendship, fitness and comraderie.

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