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  • Neil Conway III

Week 6- D1

Quack Attack 19 Conway Land Title 8

The Ducks were nothing short of spectacular in breaking the tie for first with Conway Land Title, winning the league championship, and gaining top seed for playoffs. Anthony Krueger lead the orchestra with 9 goals. Brother Evan Krueger added 2 goals and 5 assists-- Adam Hayes fired in 4 more goals, and Mac MacGruder and Colin Clifford also added points. In short, the entire Quack Attack roster scored points, and Domenic Anselmo gained another win in net. The Blue did not go quietly. Shawn Sadler and Matt Wiess made life difficult for the Ducks with defense and a hat trick each. More goals by Garret Sadler and Brandon Tackett totaled enough points to win in most leagues…but not this one.

Big Red Machine 13 Boilermakers 7

Brother v. brother, Cardinals v. Cougars, and the Big Red Machine brought their “A” game to end the season. This includes Brady Kloss tossing Brandon Tackett’s stick to the skies. In general, the stick handling and overall speed of the game reached giddy heights. The Big Red scoring club featured Connor Stump with 4 goals and hat tricks by Paul McKito and Jake Tackett. Evan McBride added 2 goals and John Hunter 2 assists, with an assist from Goalie Brady Kloss. The Boilers rallied with points by Patrick Kristo, Brandon Tackett, Cole Horvath, A J Bailey and Jack Rowell noting that both teams will advance to the playoffs.

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