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D1-Wednesday Week 5

Quack Attack 15 Boilermakers 10 The plot in D-1 thickens as the Quack Attack rebounds to defeat an otherwise hot Boilers team and recapture first place at 4-1. The Boilers jumped to an early lead, hanging on thru most of the second period, but failing in

the third with both Quack Attack lines relentlessly driving the net. The scoring network was well rounded with points to Anthony Krueger (9), Evan Krueger (7), Jake Malone (6) a former Mayfield HS hockey jock, Connor Robbins (3), and Adam Hayes (1). The Boilers scoring machine included Dean Kelly and AJ Bailey with 4 goals each, Brian Przybyszewski (6 points), Zach Grandstaff (2 points), Rick Kish (1 point), and Pat Kristo. Domenic Anselmo (Quack Attack) and Rob Kish(Boilers) both stood tall in net, with the win to Domenic. Conway Land Title 16 Big Red Machine 15 Hanging on to win by a thread seems to be the standard of play in Division 1. The Big Blue did so and thereby snuggled into second place. They were lead by Brad Thiessen (Cle. Monsters AHL) with 6 goals. Tyler Kallay was also in form with a rocket launch of 5 goals, and help from teammates Matt Wiess (5 points), Sean Sadler (3 points), Joe Iademarco (2 points), Domenic Valerian (3 points), and Garret Sadler with some good defense. Big Red was awesome in defeat with Connor Stump firing in 6 goals from every corner of the rink. Paul McKito added 4 goals, a hat trick by John Hunter, and 4 more points for Charlie Cilensek. AJ Bailey joined as ebug to take home the win in goal for the Conway Land Title with opponent Brady Kloss of Big Red also looking good in net 

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