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Week 5- D2- PFC Wins Regular Season Title

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 6 Boilermakers 3

Goalies Mike Mramor (Boilers) and Mike Thompson(PFC) began the final game of the season with a goalie clinic on saves. This included Thompson’s dive after stopping a slap shot, and then a slowly rolling ball heading into the yellow paint, almost unnoticed. PFC nonetheless finished an unbeaten season taking 1st place, a ceremonial tub of LaBatts Blue, and top sead in the playoffs. Michael Ingelthrone lead the final charge with 4 goals and 1 assist, with supporting points and goals from Jeremy Letterman and Nick Larkin. The Boilers were lead by Dean Kelly with 1 goal and 1 assist, and a goal each from Zach Grandstaff and Mackenzie Mramor.

Book Hockey 14 Zero Pucks Given 6

Book Hockey exploded for 14 goals and a surprising victory over ZPG. Goals fired in from a varied attack by Derek Cogar (6), Dave Reardon (2), Dave Whitcomb (3), Chris Slocombe (2) and Fritz Harrell (1). An undaunted Brendan Moreau responded with 5 goals for ZPG-- joined by Greg Crissman (1 goal 1 assist), and Tom McManus (1 assist). Book Hockey’s goalie Steve DiMatteo took home the win in net.

Falvey Realty 17 Master Pizza 11

Former British pro hockey player Mike Timms teamed up with his wife Sarah, Mike Williams and Brian Przybyszewski, for an amazing total 29 point romp for Falvey Realty over Master Pizza in a high scoring afternoon of Dek Hockey in Painesville, Ohio. Brendan Klinger lead Master Pizza with 8 goals and 2 assists. Ray Snyder and sub Mike Cottos also added points, falling short of a win.

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