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Week 5 - D1- Game Recaps

Conway Land Title 12 v. Big Red Machine 11

This incredible contest featured a tie score over and over again… until the final horn. Rampant passing finesse at high speed characterized the play of both teams. Conway’s narrow victory featured Goals from Neil Conway (4), Tyler Kallay (2), Sean Sadler and Jason Weiss, with defense and support from C J Valerian (Hobart U. hockey), Garret Sadler, Joe Iademarco (NH Monarchs) and Domenic Valeian (Tampa U. hockey). Brian Przybyszewski stood on his head in net for the big blue. Big Red saw speed and goals from their flying column including points from Charles Cilensek (2), Jake Tackett (3), Evan McBride (4), Paul McKito (4), John Hunter (1) and Connor Stump (1), with Brady Kloss in net.b gf

Boilermakers 10 v. Quack Attack 9

To cap off a day of close victories and close quarters, the Boilers pulled off the upset of the season. To add to the intrigue—Boilermaker A J Bailey limped and hobbled from his injury on a construction site to his referee job, to goalie (of the ebug persuasion), and then player—to gain himself a nomination to the NE Ohio Dek Hockey Hall of Fame , not yet under construction. The Boilers handed the undefeated Quack Attack their first loss, with points for the Quack Attack by Evan Krueger (5), Mac MacGruder(2),Domenic Anselmo (1), Connor Robbins(2), Collin Clifford((2), Adam Hayes (1) and Jake Malone(1) with a bold Anthony Krueger in net. The victorious Boilers were lead by Zach Grandstaff with a hat trick, with support from Teammates Dean Kelly, AJ Bailey, Connor Stump, and Jake Tackett. Rob Kish for the Boilers took home the win in net.


The following night Dek Hockey participants shared in the Jokerit League Championship of Team Green (Dean Kelly, Paul McKito, Mike Timms, Ben Trevarten and Declan Conway) over Team Purple (Brady Kloss, Jake Tackett and Connor Stump) at the Mentor Civic Center.

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