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Week 4 - D2

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 11 Falvey Realty 3

Falvey Realty’s challenge to PFC’s unbeaten streak fell on deaf ears. The response was initiated early in the match when the league’s leading scorer Jeremy Letterman launched his first of 4 goals. The team followed suit with Mike Ingenthrone (aka Ginger) scoring 4 goals, Kevin Myles with 1 goal and 2 assists, Mike Larkin with 1 goal and 1 assist, Tony Parenti with 2 assists, and Mike Thompson reacting to every rebound—still topping the goalie point list with 1 assist. A hat trick by Mike Timms with an assist by wife Sarah was all Falvey could muster as PFC moves to a 4-0 first place position, knocking Falvey out of second.

Boilermakers 8 Book Hockey 1

The Boilers moved into third place with a suprising route of Book Hockey. Every man and women on the roster contributed points and/or support; that is, Dean Kelly (2 points), Brian Przybyszewski (5 points), Kim Pisczczor (2 points), Mackenzie Mramor (2 points) and a 1 point and/or hustle from Dillon Kupferman, Zach Grandstaff and Alexis Mramor. Book Hockey’s lone tally came in a moment of brilliance by Steve Wilson from Fritz Harrell, spoiling Mike Mramor’s bid for the first ever shut out in local Dek Hockey history.

Zero Pucks Given 21 Master Pizza 6

No one informed Tony Boris, Captain of Master Pizza, that the entire ZPG roster would show up at 9:00 pm on a week night to nail down second place with a 3-1 record. But they did—including Dan Fritsche (former NHL forward) scoring 6 goals. Dan had help from ZPG’s Greg Crissman (3 points), Mark Contorno (4 points), Brendan Moreau (5 points), Jeff Campbell (3 points), Eric Schmidt (1 point), Eric Heidenrich (1 point), and Justin Szucs (2 points). Master Pizza added Dean Kelly (hat trick) and Zach Grandstaff to plug the dam, but the flood of shots on netminder Dan Palermo was too much, as Brian Bly grabs his third win in net.

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