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Week 3 - D2

Painesville Furniture & Carpet 14 Master Pizza 3

To put it bluntly, PFC is on a roll. League leading scorer Jeremy Letterman leads a hot roster with goals from newcomers Bob Mueller and Michael Ingerthrone. Repeat teammates Nick Larkin, Kevin Myles, goalie Michael Thomson and Joe Reedy rounded out a squad that never lost steam, now 3-0. Though Brandon Klinger of Master Pizza opened up the scoring with the first of his 2 goals, points from Danny Bolda and Ian Lengel were not enough. Note: Dan Bolda graduated from Lake Erie College, taking his first job in Indiana. He will be missed. Good luck Dan !

Falvey Realty 10 Book Hockey 8

The comeback of the season by Falvey’s co-ed team was lead by 2 prolific goal scorers—Brian Przybyszewski and Mike Timms-- totaling 17 points between them. Book hockey retaliated from every direction, gaining an early lead with goals from Dave Whitcomb, Mike Ritchie, Matt Biats, Fritz Harrell and Rick Dunham. Their feisty performance was not enough in the third period, as their lead slipped away. Goalies Steve DiMatteo (Book Hockey) and Dan Palermo (Falvey) both stood tall in net. Falvey is now tied for 2nd.

Zero Pucks Given 9 Boilermakers 4

ZPG moved into the 2nd place tie with Falvey by taking down the Boilers in a contested match. Jeff Campbell set the pace with a hat trick, bolstered with points from Brendan Moreau, Tom McManus and Mark Contorno, with backstopping from Brian Bly. Mac MacGruder, Amber Wiley Conway, and MacKenzie Mramor scored for the Boilers, the latter showing a fearless female streak in a good, action- filled game.

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