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The Open - 2017, Quack Attack Champions

Quack Attack Tournament Champions !

Amidst light rain and a foggy dew lake effect the Quack Attack rambled thru a 6 team tournament filled with local talent to win their second straight dek hockey tournament championship. The team was bonded with ice hockey history and as students at Miami University of Ohio. Each player contributed with offense, defense and lightning speed, lead by Anthony and Evan Krueger, Ryan Gorbett, JD Clemens(Chagrin Falls Ice hockey), JCU announcer Tim Hickock, Rob Engoglia, Ryan Herpy and Domenic Anselmo in net. After a narrow 9-8 defeat of the Generals in the early rounds, they met again in the final winning 10-5 with the Generals losing Liam Conway to injury and Jeff Havel, but battling to the end with a short bench. Declan Conway lead the Generals by scoring 10 goals in his first 2 games, with considerable help from his JCU college hockey friends John McMahon (Buffalo) and Dan Krall (Mentor, Ohio), as well as Elijah Johnson, former Shaker Heights hockey player, and Joey Fratantonio in net. The quarter finals and semi finals were filled with brilliant play, and several 1 or 2 goal margins, with notable efforts by CLE DEK—Anthony Balamenti, Nate Christian, Jay Whooper, George Lewandowski and Adam Yaracs; Boilermakers—Dean Kelly(CWRU doctoral candidate), AJ Bailey(Junior Hockey Player), Cole Horvath, Ryan Bruss (Lake Catholic), Dan Pittock (CWRU doctoral Candidate), Riley Brown (CWRU); Thunder Turtles—Connor Stump, Jake Tackett, Ben Treveraten, Paul McKito, Brady Kloss, and Charlie Cibensek; FREE AGENTS—Neil Conway, Mike Thompson, Adam Grady, Ian Lengel and Adam Hayes (Akron U Lacrosse).

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