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  • Neil Conway III

D1 Opening Day

Quack Attack 9 vs Big Red Machine 6

The match of the evening included Anthony Krueger in net for the defending Tournament Champion Quack Attack, and John Hunter from Playoff Champion Havel’s Greenhouses for the Red Machine. Despite expletives, the goaltending was solid, while Evan Krueger and Collin Clifford added 4 points each, with points and speed from Mac MacGruder, and finesse from Adam Hayes, Connor Robbins and Jake Malone. The Red Machine showed an impressive collection of former Mentor Hockey players who rallied in a wide range of cycling attacks by using the entire playing surface. Jake Tackett, Evan McBride, Trent Piccirrilo and Brady Kloss all added points.

Conway Land Title 15 vs Boilermakers 6

The Conway Attack seemed to come from every direction, as Jason Wiess lead the way with 4 goals and 4 assists. Nate Kallay (Wooster Oilers Junior A hockey team) and Paul McKito added a hat trick each for Conway. The brother/sister team of Neil (4 goals 4 assists) and Seanna Conway (1 goal 1 assist) helped pace the victors, while Joey Fratantonio (goalie for a Wisconsin Jr A team) stood tall in net. Lake Catholic’s keeper Rob Kish was tough in a hailstorm from all angles, with A.J. Bailey adding 4 goals in the effort for the Boilers, and finishing in the evening sun with a goal from Cole Horvath.

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